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Enhance your experience with our diverse range of subscription services.

  • Canteen Subscription

    Enjoy hassle-free access to our on-campus canteen, providing delicious and nutritious meals to keep you energized throughout the day.
  • Transport Subscription

    Opt for our convenient transport service, ensuring a smooth and reliable commute to and from the campus, so you can focus on what matters.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities Subscription

    Immerse yourself in a variety of exciting extra-curricular activities, from sports to arts and more, enriching your learning experience beyond the classroom.

For seamless commuting, our Transport Subscription provides a reliable and efficient transportation solution, ensuring you reach campus comfortably and on time. Additionally, our Extra-Curricular Activities Subscription opens doors to a realm of creativity and engagement, allowing you to explore various sports, arts, and other exciting activities, enriching your educational adventure beyond the classrooms.


Efficient Payment Processing

Parents and guardians can make fee payments and other transactions directly through their familiar banking interfaces

Real-Time Transaction Updates

Schools can easily track payments and reconcile accounts, ensuring transparency and accuracy in financial records.

Secure and Reliable Transactions

iKolilu employs robust encryption and security measures to safeguard sensitive financial data.

Enhanced Financial Insights

Schools can analyze payment trends, revenue inflows, and financial performance more effectively.


Additional Services

Pick Up / Drop Off

Simplify logistics for parents with iKolilu's Pick Up and Drop Off service. Ensure a smooth and secure transition for students, giving peace of mind to parents as they track their child's arrival and departure from school. Safety and convenience seamlessly integrated for a hassle-free school experience.

Automatic Receipt Generation

Streamline financial transactions with iKolilu's Automatic Receipt Generation. Instantly generate detailed receipts for all payments made, providing transparency and documentation for both schools and parents. Effortlessly access transaction records, fostering trust and accountability in financial interactions within the school community.

Balances Reminder Manager

Stay financially organized with iKolilu's Balances Reminder Manager. Receive timely reminders about outstanding balances and payments due, aiding in effective financial planning. Avoid any oversights and maintain a clear view of financial responsibilities, ensuring a smooth financial relationship between the school and parents.

Automatic Birthday Reminder

Never miss a birthday celebration with iKolilu's Automatic Birthday Reminder. Effortlessly stay connected and show appreciation to students and staff on their special day. Strengthen relationships and foster a sense of community through timely and personalized birthday greetings, enhancing overall engagement and camaraderie.

Penalty Manager

Maintain discipline and financial accountability with iKolilu's Penalty Manager. Efficiently manage penalties and fines, ensuring adherence to school policies and regulations. Automate penalty calculations and notifications, promoting a fair and structured approach to enforcing discipline while maintaining a positive learning environment.

Reconciliation Services

Ensure financial accuracy and integrity with iKolilu's Reconciliation Services. Seamlessly reconcile accounts, identifying and resolving discrepancies for precise financial management. Streamline the reconciliation process, allowing schools to maintain a clear and error-free financial record. Enhance financial transparency and trust by demonstrating a commitment to accuracy and accountability, empowering effective decision-making and financial stability within the school community.

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