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  • Education Is Life

    Education gives your ward(s) a knowledge of the world around him/her and changes it into something better. It develops in your ward a perspective of looking at life.

  • Connecting Parent to School

    Reducing the stress of been in person. Get notified, make payment and download payment receipt on the go. Help ward to download and submit assignment

  • More Possibilities...

    New technologies to help streamline communication, Sign Up today to this world of possibilities with iKolilu Parent Portal.

About Us

iKolilu is a Financial, Administrative, Academic, Platform for Schools. It was built to suit every need of any educational institute.
iKolilu Parent Portal is a platform to connect the parents and the school together. Here they can view their indiviual ward academic records, bill invoice, payment receipts, and also make payment to name a few... Join us today!

Our Mission

To be the leading software service provider in educational field, connecting schools and their respective partners(Parents and Students) together, for easy distribution and access to information.

Our Vision

It’s our resolve to achieve our mission through our values, focusing on the customer, who is at the core of our operations of day-to-day management regardless of colour or creed-Customer satisfaction is paramount

Our Core Values

• Honesty
• Innovation
• Integrity
• Results
• Responsiveness
• Dedication
• Customer Satisfaction


iKolilu Parent Portal connect parent to their ward school and give them access to the records of their wards progress, bills/payments, school newletters etc, since 2016.

Academic Records and Analysis

View Scores, Grades and Performances of your ward.

Bills and Payments

View Bills, Payments and Balances. Make payment of bill items via mobile money, card, or bank transfer using iKolilu-pay

Notices & Newsletters

Receive updates of Newsletters, Events, Assignment, Receipts and Invoice

Ward School Info

View schools calender, Assignment Manager(Download/Upload/View Scores), Daily Attendance Record


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